STEAM Monster Challenge 2017

This is the portfolio page for the STEAM Monster Design Challenge. The Challenge was part of the PASEO Party on the Plaza event which took place on September 23, 2017. We received close to 500 entries from Taos County middle and high schools and youth organizations based on the work of the 2017 featured Paseo artist, Motomichi Nakamura. Motomichi’s Tiny People and Giant Monster series incorporates the Monster as a mythological character to explore environmental issues. Teachers designed their own STEAM activity using our STEMarts Design Tool, culminating with students inventing their own original STEAM monster exploring fear, heroism, unlikely alliances, or even humor. Submissions included drawings, animations and poems. Motomichi selected 70 monster drawings to project onto the old theater building on the plaza for the Paseo Party on the Plaza event. UNM-Taos Digital Media Arts students projection mapped winning animations on to the old courthouse. Winning SOMOS poems were framed and displayed in the lobby of The Gorge restaurant during the event. The ESL Immigration Monster mural was hung on a wall on John Dunn Street for viewing. Use the drop down menu to view all the entries and select STEAM workshops to see in-the-classroom photos.

Thank you to all the teachers and students that participated in the 2017 STEMarts@The Paseo Youth Program and to Motomichi Nakamura for inspiring the STEAM Monster Design Challenge.