Welcome to the STEMarts@the Paseo Portfolio!

The STEMarts@The PASEO Youth Program is a series of educational workshops that go into the schools, allowing students to collaborate with PASEO Festival artists exploring STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) in their art making process. For the festival, an artist is placed into every middle and high school in Taos. Teacher and students work with the artist up to one week prior and then perform/install their work live at The PASEO event.

Students learn valuable STEM skills through creative expression, social practice and collaboration, and are empowered as their creations become part of a real world event. We believe that the challenge and potential of STEAM education is for all students to have access to the latest technologies and 21st century thinking, especially in rural areas with limited access. The PASEO is the perfect platform for local students to use these tools to play, explore and imagine a better world.

The STEMarts LAB was developed by PASEO co-director and artist, Agnes Chavez, as part of her educational programs that integrate art, science and technology into curricula. Visit www.stemartslab.com and sube.com for more.