2018 Youth Program

The 2018 STEMarts@PASEO Youth Program engaged over 700 students this year through the Youth Day in the Space Cloud, workshops in the classrooms, artist demos in the schools and the STEMarts Curriculum Tool. Close to 300 students from as far away as Questa, Ranchos, and Penasco were transported to the Space Cloud pavilion to get a behind the scenes peek at the art and meet the artists. The STEMarts Curriculum tool allowed students to learn about the artists and try out some activities beforehand to deepen their experience. Artists were impressed! All activities were aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards and p21 Standards.

Please click through the tabs below for a photo glimpse of each of the programs.

Youth Day in the Space Cloud

Students from 12 schools in Taos County were transported to the Kit Carson park where they got a sneak preview of the Space Cloud. Five Paseo artists were there to give a demo of their installation highlighting the science and technology behind the work. Students tried out virtual reality and used their balance to active the movement of plankton in the ocean. Taos Youth Ballet performed a sci-art dance performance in the courtyard of the Space Cloud. The choreography was informed by a collaboration with astrophysicist, Nicole Lloyd-Ronning.

Indigenous Cosmology Meets Particle Physics

The Projecting Particles Collective visited 5th and6th-grade classrooms to deliver a three day immersive workshop that combined particle physics, native science and projection art on to a tipi. Through a collaboration with ATLAS@CERN and Quarknet students had access to the latest discoveries in particle physics. Visiting artist and Lakota Cultural Specialist, Steve Tamayo put the tipi up in the gym and led native games and activities sharing emergence stories from his tribe. Together they explored native and western science symbols and created feynman-petroglyph hybrid symbols which were later projected on to the tipi.

Exploring Circular Dimensions

Cristopher Cichocki led a Videomicrography Workshop
 with Taos Charter 6th-grade students. They visited Taos LAnd Trust’s Rio Fernando Park on the first day to learn about the wetland restoration and the unique vegetation of the land. A local environmental organization, Amigos Bravos and land experts from the Field Institute led the students in the exploration. On day two students met at Taos Charter school where Cristopher working with teacher Nathanial Evans worked with students to make mandalas from their plant specimens using videomicroscopic microscopes donated by Dino-lite. A final published book is available to see the final student mandalas.

Paseo artist and Tagtool founder visited TISA classroom to work with the 6th-grade students that have been using the Tagtool app for the past 2 years. He showed them advanced techniques to deepen their skills. Students were thrilled to meet the app developer of the tool they had been using in their classroom.

Reilly Donovan - Tilt Brush VR Artist Demo

Reilly Donovan led a Virtual Reality Tilt Brush painting workshop with a small group of local master artists who were invited to do a live painting for the PASEO festival.

Artist talk and MadMapper Workshop by VJ CHiKA

NY based Japanese born artist, VJ CHiKA Artist gave a Demo to local artists and teachers who are interested in learning about how to create projection art through VJ software techniques.